Monday, September 15, 2008


in d name of ALLAH d most gracious d most merciful.....alhamdulillah today is d 1st day of 4th year MBBS program, much pressure given to us from d very beginning,i tot sessional xm result come out today but it is not so bcoz??? pity,Miss Dino fr academic office whispered to me dat there r 2 students wont b joining us!!!!this is oso one of d reason d delay of announcement of sessional xm is more interesting dat in d afternun itself d class started which was taken by Prof Dr Urala(i cay say dat he is dewa OnG)...huhuhu....bgla relax2 skit kot...i wil share somethings fr his clas in my future entry iA....hope my first 2months in muar wil b full wit enjoyment of knowledge,OnG followed by Paeds...Rabbi Zidna 'Ilman Warzuqna Fahman ameen

"writing is part of learning process"

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